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From humble beginnings in Ormond, Melbourne, with a stock of five dinner suits bought with money borrowed from his Aunt, Brian Ferrari could never have envisaged that his fledging business would one day be a part of so many families’ special occasions. Ferrari Formalwear, still owned and operated by the Ferrari Family, has reliably delivered quality formalwear and service for forty years to over 1 MILLION customers in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

The knowledge gained form being at the forefront of formalwear fashion in Australia for so long has enabled Ferrari Formalwear to be the market leader in terms of choice, quality, fit and value. Our experience and research into garment technology, assembly, and finishing, guarantees the best possible product for your special occasion, and with our extensive work with designers world wide we have developed the most stunning range of formalwear available in Australia.

Not all formalwear companies are the same …

From the smallest page boy to the largest gentlemen, we have fitted them all, and from that experience we have learned and passed on that knowledge to our team members. Our small but highly specialised management group boasts collective formalwear management experience in excess of 193 years, and all have attended seminars by leading local and international consultants to enhance their already vast knowledge of the industry. However, this is where it starts; our continuous education program ensures that all members of the Ferrari team are apprised of all developments within the industry from the latest fashions, fabrics and accessories to garment handling and fitting techniques. From the top down, there is no issue too large and no detail too small that is not within our sphere of excellence.

“An investment in people and the community is what makes a company strong.”
Brian Ferrari, Chairman

At Ferrari Formalwear we believe in only sourcing the very best garments for use within our business. We have seen the cheap knock-offs and inferior makes come and go and therefore only use the most trusted manufacturers in Australia, as our company has been built on a tradition of quality and reliability. Our commitment is to work with our manufacturers and designers to come up with the best product available for the formalwear hire market without compromising make, cut or fabric. We are constantly travelling and in contact with the largest formalwear manufacturers in the U.S, Europe and Asia to ensure we are up to the minute for the latest big thing. Add to that our 43 years experience in tracking the reliability of different makes and fabrics, an on going stock replacement program and you are guaranteed the best result for your special occasion.

“We search Australia and the world to ensure only the best garments are available to our customers.”
Bevan Ferrari, Managing Director S.A.

To keep at the forefront of any industry you need to keep innovating and improving the systems and technology that are part of the day to day running of the business. Over the past three years Ferrari Formalwear have moved their production and offices into new purpose built, fully integrated service centres in both S.A and W.A. The use of the latest “speed rail” systems means the garments are handled a minimum of times to ensure the best possible level of quality and efficiency within our production process. In the last twelve months an investment of over half a million dollars on in-house garment cleaning and finishing equipment, utilizing the latest available technology, has raised the bar even higher than the already high standards set within the company. Add that to our on-site alterations department to ensure hard to fit customers are satisfied with a minimum of fuss, and you can see the level of professionalism and quality is unsurpassed in the industry.

“We have come ahead in leaps and bounds where our garment handing and finishing technology is concerned and are now considered the industries best practice.”
Anton Ferrari, Managing Director W.A.


Fraz – An Informal Formalwear Man

Brian Ferrari has been in the formalwear business for over 50 years and has recorded his time in the business in his own book titled “Fraz – An Informal Formalwear Man”.

You can read excerpts from his book on his Brian Ferrari Book website.